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Kratom testimonial from Heidi
Heidi Boleware
Google Review

I shopped online for many years until recently they stopped taking my credit card. I had no idea there was a store close to me that actually specialized in kratom. This is a no-frills shop that reminds me of a dispensary. There is a large selection of kratom here with better prices than where I’d been getting my stuff. You’ve got a lifelong customer here.

Kratom testimonial from Dallas
Dallas Davenport
Google Review

Unbelievable prices. I’m used to paying 13 an ounce just down the street. So glad I found you. Your kratom seems “cleaner” and more potent than the kratom I had been getting. Well thank you so much for the prices and the quality.

Kratom testimonial from Jessica
Jessica Vukovic
Google Review

This place has literally saved my life. Its an all around amazing business. The people there are so kind and they have such a passion for this precious plant. They make sure the product they are putting out is A1. I am there every week to buy my weekly supply like clock work. They guys are awesome and know their stuff.they care about their customers. I wish they would need to hire someone, I’d be the first to fill out an application.

Kratom testimonial from Josh
Josh Crabtree
Google Review

I Love Miracle Kratom I’m personal friends with the owner. Have been for a couple years! This man has done so much for his company and most of all for his customers! He takes pride of his work and product. He will do anything for someone as well his employees. They are amazing people who care for the people. If you want the best Kratom in central Ohio, there isn’t anyone better. Straight from the source and the finest powder you’ll ever see. To top it off he has almost a 100 different strains. With that being said everyone can find something that suites them there. You wont find anything or anyone better!

Kratom testimonial from Haley
Haley Granado
Google Review

I love these guys! I have visited all the local kratom shops in the Columbus area and have found that Miracle has the freshest and strongest kratom around. Christian has actually visited his farmers and the plantation that grows the kratom he sells. Everyone here is extremely knowledgeable and helpful. Ask for the super maeng da you won’t regret it.