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COVID Ohio Shutdown

Due to the COVID-19 outbreak across the nation, Ohio Governor DeWine announced on March 22nd that all in-person businesses that are considered non-essential must close for a statewide shutdown starting March 24th. This shutdown is scheduled to be reevaluated on April 6th, about whether or not in-store business can reopen.

Miracle Kratom Columbus is considered a nonessential retail business so we will be shut down until the statewide ban is lifted.

During this shutdown, we will still be processing all online orders. Strains that are available can be found on our shop page. Due to restrictions on the Kratom industry, the only way to pay for an order is via a money order. You can get a money order at most gas stations, grocery stores, and the United States Post Office. We ship orders via USPS Priority Mail, which includes tracking. In order to expedite the shipping process, anyone local that would like to slide their money order under the front door to the store can do this to reduce shipping time on your end. We will be processing all orders once a day (except Sundays). All orders with money orders received before 1:00pm weekdays will be shipped same day. Packages typically take 1-2 days to arrive at their destination.

We know that our customers rely on our product, so we will continue to process mail orders during the shutdown as quickly as possible. We hope everyone stays safe during these times and we look forward to the day we are able to reopen.


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