Kratom is a wonderful way to kick your opiate habit

How Kratom Can Assist with Opiate Withdrawal/Addiction

Kratom, also known as Mitragyna speciosa is nothing more than a tree that grows in Southeast Asia and other similar regions.  However, this tree has an amazing number of beneficial properties that its leaves have been known to provide.  One of the most beneficial properties of these leaves are their pain-killing effect that occur within the body.  Because of this plant’s pain-killing and mood-lifting effects, it has been used by many to effectively to quit opiates and dampen withdrawal symptoms for both prescribed pain medication and illegal narcotics.

Kratom is not a drug. The fact that this amazing plant is all natural makes it even more beneficial to individuals that are suffering from opiate addiction or withdrawals. Because opiates are a pharmaceutical, they cause a number of negative side effects and are extremely addictive. Once an individual has become dependent on opiates, the fear of withdrawal is imminent. Withdrawals can be extremely painful and difficult to overcome which is why so many individuals continue to abuse opiates or other illegal narcotics. The pharmaceutical industry has created other drugs that are used to help control opiate addiction, however the negative is that these drugs are also addictive on their own. When an individual is addicted to opiates or other narcotics, it can become almost an endless cycle of pain trying to end your addiction which was originally started to elevate pain. Kratom is a natural plant that can help individuals fight and control this addiction and eventually become opiate free. Besides the fact that Kratom is natural, the best part about this plant is that it is not addictive like opiates.

Kratom contains over 25 alkaloids, which are a group of naturally occurring chemical compounds. Mitragynine is one of these alkaloids and is believed to be the one which is responsible for most of the effects Kratom provides. Mitragynine is an opioid agonist, which means that is has an effect on the opioid receptors in your brain. When these opioid receptors are influenced, they are able to effect an individual’s mood, pain levels, and anxiety levels.

When Kratom is used in auroma therapy, the mitragynine binds to the receptors which can improve an individual’s mood. The beneficial part of Kratom is that fact that unlike heroin, Kratom does not give an individual any high, it only provides a feeling of overall well-being. Kratom at higher aromas is known to have more of a sedative effect and at lower doses provides more of a stimulating effect. When an individual utilizes Kratom to fight opioid addiction and combat withdrawals from narcotics such as heroin, Kratom auroma therapy at higher amounts can help relative the pain experiences with withdrawals and help combat cravings.

The best vein of Kratom to utilize when fighting with opioid addiction is a red vein strain of Kratom. This type of vein is used more as a sedative and for pain relief and pain management. Individuals that are combating opioid addiction might need to make a larger aroma  of Kratom to help elevate the withdrawals but overtime, once withdrawals are manages, an individual’s need for Kratom auromas can be reduced and only used on an as need basis as opposed to pharmaceutical drugs like Suboxone which is itself addictive and will needed to be taken for life. The Monthly cost to be on Suboxone can be 400-700 per month (again for a higly addictive pharmaceutical) . The monthly cost to replace that so called “opiate therapy” with Kratom is about 40-80 dollars. We’ll let you do the math and you can decide what makes sense for your life and family.

If you are finding yourself trying to fight the battle with opioid addiction, don’t look to Suboxone, Kratom auromas are the natural solution for which you have been looking. The fact that Kratom is not a drug but all natural makes its benefits all the more appealing. Shop Our Kratom Store to check out all of our available products and begin your path to a natural way to a healthier and safer life.

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