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Curbside pickup Kentucky

Starting Tuesday, March 24th Miracle Kratom Bellevue will be closed down in-store, however, we will begin curbside pickup.

Due to the COVID-19 outbreak across the nation, Kentucky Governor Beshear announced on March 22nd that all in-person businesses considered not life-sustaining a required to closed in-store within the state of Kentucky. Businesses are, however, allowed to operate through curbside pickup.

Per the Governor of Kentucky’s orders, Miracle Kratom Bellevue qualifies as a retail business that can provide curbside pickup during this shutdown. Across the river, the state of Ohio just recently announced a total shutdown for all businesses. Any customers within Ohio still looking to purchase Kratom are able to visit our Kentucky store just across the Ohio River from Cincinnati.

Miracle Kratom Bellevue will operate regular business hours for curbside. When you arrive at the Kentucky store, you can contact us at 859-916-8238 and place your curbside order. We will then bring the order directly to your car, allowing us to keep a safe distance. Because of the shutdown, the ATM inside the store will not be available. Please make sure to have enough cash prior to arriving. We look forward to seeing all of our customers and hope that until in-store operations start back, curbside will be the safest and fastest option.

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