The Kratom Consumer Protection Act Introduced in Ohio

The potential ban of Kratom in the state of Ohio was put on hold Friday, August 9th 2019. The Ohio Board of Pharmacy held its public hearing in downtown Columbus Friday and an astounding number of Kratom supporters showed up to testify in opposition of the ban of Kratom within the state of Ohio.
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Ohio State Board of Pharmacy Holds off on Kratom Ban for the Time Being

After an unexpected meeting this month, the Ohio Board of Pharmacy has decided that the next discussion on Kratom is scheduled to take place during the March 2019 Board of Pharmacy meeting.
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Great Article on the Dire Consequences of What Would Happen with a Kratom Ban

Here is a great article to check out about the negative consequences if Kratom were ever to get banned!
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Nothing looks tastier that beautiful Kratom against a backdrop of wood

Picking Arpart the DEA’s Stance on Kratom

For those who aren't very up to speed with the continuing battle between the Kratom community and the DEA, we have provided a few excerpts from the DEA's current stance on Kratom and how unrepresentative their information is about this all natural plant.  Below are a few excerpts from their article and our thoughts one the information provided by the DEA.
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Great Article on the Overblown Rhetoric on the Dangers of Kratom

This article shows how misguided and uninformed the DEA is about Kratom.
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How Not to Package Kratom Powder

Light, humidity, and heat are all enemies of Kratom powder. This kraft paper bag demonstrates the improper way to package Kratom and a lack of knowledge on the part of any supplier using them. Read more on how the packaging of your Kratom could be effecting your quality.
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