How Not to Package Kratom Powder

Light, humidity, and heat are all enemies of Kratom powder. This Kraft paper bag demonstrates the improper way to package Kratom and a lack of knowledge on the part of any supplier using them. Have you ever exposed Kratom to light for any length of time? If so, you are ruining the purchase you’ve just made.

This type of packaging is attractive for fact that you can see the color and grind of the Kratom you are purchasing. However, we all know color and grind never tell the whole story if a strain of Kratom will be overall good or bad.

When choosing packaging at Miracle Kratom, we wanted to show off our grind and colors as well. However, we were not willing to dilute the potency of your Katom just to show off its beautiful colors and milling grind.

We want customers to keep this in mind when purchasing Kratom no matter who you buy your powders from. If you are using vendors who are uneducated as to how to properly package Kratom, at least do yourself a favor and transfer it to a windowless, air tight bag for maximum freshness and potency and store your Kratom in a cool dry place that keeps it out of the light. It’s that easy!

If you are looking to purchase Kratom from a vendor who takes pride in keeping their products a fresh as possible, look no further! You can CLICK HERE to shop all of our fresh and properly packaged Kratom or visit us at our Columbus, Ohio store which is located at 3643 W. Broad Street, Columbus, Ohio 43228.



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