Why Choose Miracle Kratom Over Any Other Shop in Columbus?
The Differences Become Clear When You Continue Reading
Our Kratom is Lab Tested
Let's speak frankly. Kratom is a wonderful botanical that you can purchase from a number of places online and in headshops. What is unique about our Kratom powders is that it is ALL lab tested for alkaloid levels and because of this fact, we pay top dollar for our Kratom. What differentiates us from other Kratom suppliers is that we actually know that all of our Kratom products contain proper levels of the main alkaloids mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine. Our powders are tested by a machine called a Gas Chromatograph Mass Spectrometer. These tests are very high tech, expensive, and for good reason. We want you to have the best quality Kratom powders in existence. After all, who wants to use bad or tainted kratom with the possibility of containing research chemicals? We care about every one of our customers and we don't want anyone to become ill or fail a drug test due to impure Kratom that has been "enhanced" by shady vendors.
Our Kratom Vendor
It is no secret that if you don't have a great vendor, you're not going to have a great product. The freshest Kratom powders come from people who only sell mass quantities of powder on a daily basis. Our vendor sells thousands of tons every day. The rotation of their Kratom is so fast, there is no time for it to sit on a shelf in a warehouse to get stale and old. Our vendor work with the best farmers in the best locations to produce the best strains. To sell the Kratom that we purchase, our minimum order is 200 HUNDRED kilos at a time. The same rules apply for every reseller who purchases from our vendor. There is no time for the Kratom to sit on shelves. Our vendor receives the freshest Kratom on the planet. It about 10 days to get to them directly from their farmers and we then receive it 3 to 4 days later. Freshness matters and we bring that to the table for you every single time! We pride ourselves on the fact that we don't vendor shop like head shops and the other shops in town who use different vendors every time just to save a few bucks. It's not fair to you and it's not worth destroying our reputation.
Our Very Reasonable Prices
No one in town can beat our prices. Period. For the superior Kratom you get in return, we want you to walk out of our store satisfied and not feeling like you were just being squeezed out of every dime you have. For those who know us, you know we give deals all the time on larger quantities. And we are also known for giving out 10 gram samples if there is something you'd like to try before spending money on a large order of a strain of Kratom you've never tried before. We want you to be happy with every purchase from Miracle Kratom.
Our Customer Service
It is our exchange policy that if you do not like the Kratom you have purchased within the first 7 days, you may bring it back to switch for another strain based off the unused portion. However with the newly introduced 4 dollar 10 gram pack, hopefully customers will be more likely to try a new strain in smaller amounts first so that no one is disappointed. We do not replace samples packs however since they are only 4 dollars. We have lived up to this policy a few times and it's not a big deal. Some strains just don't agree with certain people and we want happy customers and we'll do whatever it takes to make that a reality.
Proper Handling, Storage and Sterile Procedures Throughout the Process
It's astounding what we've heard and seen as far as improper storage and handling of Kratom powder. Kratom should be treated with food grade measures for best quality especially since it is being consumed. Humidity can cause mold. Who wants that in their Kratom? When handling Kratom powders, hair nets are worn by our workers, sterile Nitrile gloves are also standard while weighing. Masks are worn for obvious reasons as are goggles and smocks. We also keep our Kratom cooled with air conditioning. Most shops just go into a tote or container time after time to grab and weigh Kratom without thinking of any of these measures. At Miracle Kratom, we do think about these measures. We weigh each batch of Kratom, bag it and seal it immediately as to avoid any contamination. We care about what you put into your body. Our main goal is to maintain freshness and to avoid contamination of any kind instead of constantly opening a container and letting contaminants slowly destroy your Kratom.
Consistent, Highest Quality Kratom
Because we're not concerned about saving a few bucks per kilo as we've already explained by not using the cheapest not lab tested vendor, you can rest easy and always know you are getting the same highest quality Kratom in existence every time. We will take the 'pepsi challenge' with any vendor online or offline, in town or out of town. We are not boasting, but we know we have the best Kratom by far. If it doesn't pass our test, it doesn't get sold and gets shipped back to our vendor. (That's only happened once) and they took care of it immediately.
Ridiculous Kratom Strain Selection
No one in Columbus carries any where close to the vast array of Kratom strains that we do (over 38 strains and counting). They are all wonderful strains but we know some folks are partial to some over others. We stand behind everyone of our Kratom strains and understand everyone is different and therefore will prefer some strains over others. Body chemistry varies as do the alkaloid contents of each strain of Kratom. That's precisely why we offer as many strains as possible so we can satisfy everyone we can. Customers can find for themselves what works for them. We all have our favorite strains but to not explore more varieties is not keeping with the spirit of this wonderful Kratom community we have. Thus, we want to be your 'wine shop' of Kratom. A place that's not an overpriced head shop, doesn't sell other products,, and only cares about one thing - the miraculous power of the Kratom plant! We consider ourselves experts and we can help you choose what we think will help you the most. You won't find that kind of expertise at a head shop because they sell a thousand different products. It's a shame that not only do they not know about the products they sell, but we all know the ridiculous prices they charge for junk Kratom that could have been sitting on the shelve for 6 months, not lab tested and could contain research chemicals.
Volume Purchases are not a Problem
Not only do we carry the most number of kratom strains, we also carry the largest stock in town. Have you been turned down at other shops for wanting to buy a whole Kilo or multiple Kilos at once? Not at Miracle Kratom. We understand some people prefer to buy in bulk we are prepared for it and welcome large quantity kratom powder orders. We also give deals the more you purchase of course.